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    Journey into the heart of Europe. Traveling by river, beyond the reach of roadways, you’ll discover the true nature of these fascinating waterways and the people who call them home. Travel with ease, unpacking just once and enjoy the ever-changing scenery along the river banks as you are gently carried aboard an elegant, intimate ship to your next destination. Nothing compares to a river, and no experience compares to a Viking River Cruise.

    Viking River Cruises provide incredible value with cruises designed to give you more for your money. A Viking River Cruise includes everything you need, from meals and beverages to shore excursions and Wi-Fi. That is what they call Viking Inclusive Value.

    The Viking River Cruise Experience (video):

    Viking River Cruises
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    Example European River Cruise Sailings

    Many more 2018, 2019 & 2020 sailings and itineraries available
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    Romantic Danube
    8 Days | 6 Guided Tours | 3 Countries

    from $2499
    Nuremberg to Budapest

    BONUS airfare option from $699*

    Sail to charming cities & villages

    Visit Budapest’s Castle District and cross the famous Chain Bridge. Explore Göttweig Abbey, one of Austria’s most revered monastic centers, and make dumplings with Wachau Valley apricots. See Europe’s largest pipe organ in Passau, or travel to Salzburg. Celebrate Vienna’s musical heritage at a concert featuring works by Mozart and Strauss. With medieval towns, grand cities and stunning scenery, this 8-day journey on the “Blue Danube” is one you are sure to love.

    Danube Waltz
    8 Days | 6 Guided Tours | 5 Countries

    from $2649
    Budapest to Passau

    BONUS airfare option from $599*

    Cruise to enchanting destinations

    Admire the Wachau Valley’s beauty from your Viking Longship. Learn to waltz at a Viennese dance school. Witness daily life in an abbey on an exclusive visit to Göttweig. Savor Austro-Hungarian cuisine in Vienna and Budapest. Explore lesser-known Central European cities like Bratislava. Soak up soothing steam at a Budapest thermal bath. This 8-day itinerary reveals the highlights of Passau, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, while cruising leisurely through spectacular scenery.

    Rhine Getaway
    8 Days | 6 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

    from $2899
    Amsterdam to Basel

    BONUS airfare option from $699*

    Explore castles & cathedrals

    Overlook the Rhine from Germany’s best preserved medieval castle. Discover the various culinary traditions of Alsace. Explore the Black Forest and visit a local workshop to see a cuckoo clock-making demonstration. Turreted fortresses, grand cathedrals, historic cities, medieval towns and spectacular scenery of the Middle Rhine—little wonder that the Rhine is one of Europe’s best-loved rivers. From Amsterdam and Cologne to Basel, this 8-day journey reveals a rich landscape of beauty and culture.

    Châteaux, Rivers & Wine
    8 Days | 7 Guided Tours | 1 Country

    from $2999
    Bordeaux to Bordeaux

    BONUS airfare option from $599*

    Explore Bordeaux like never before

    Discover the ports, vineyards, farms and forests of Aquitaine, once Europe’s richest kingdom. See Bordeaux’s fountains and cellars. Hunt for truffles in Périgord, then taste them in a home-cooked meal. Create your own personal blend of Cognac at the Camus distillery. Savor France’s finest oysters fresh from the bay at Arcachon. Sip Saint-Émilion, Médoc and Sauternes in their own terroir on an 8-day cruise through Bordeaux—a region synonymous with fine wine and finer living.

    Elegant Elbe
    10 Days | 7 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

    from $3499
    Prague to Berlin

    BONUS airfare option from $599*

    Journey to Berlin, Dresden & Prague

    Discover Berlin’s modern chic, Potsdam’s rococo whimsy, Dessau’s Bauhaus genius and Prague’s Gothic exuberance. Walk in Martin Luther’s footsteps in Wittenberg, birthplace of the Protestant Reformation. Admire delicate Meissen porcelain. Celebrate Dresden, a phoenix risen from the ashes of war. View Saxon Switzerland’s monoliths. See the Elbe Biosphere Reserve. Visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Elbe is one of Europe’s most unspoiled rivers and it awaits you—from Berlin to Prague—on this 10-day cruisetour.

    Portugal's River of Gold
    10 Days | 8 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

    from $3499
    Lisbon to Porto

    BONUS save $500* per person on airfare 

    Enjoy the Douro’s beauty & history

    Experience the renaissance of Lisbon, newly invigorated with trending galleries and restaurants. Explore two of Iberia’s oldest university towns: Coimbra, Portugal and Salamanca, Spain. Roam the port warehouses of Porto. Enjoy traditional cuisine, wine and fado singing. Cruise the Douro River Valley, the world’s oldest demarcated wine region and a UNESCO Site. Our 10-day cruisetour includes a hotel stay in Lisbon and the added bonus of a visit to Spain.

    Tulips & Windmills
    10 Days | 8 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

    from $3499
    Amsterdam to Amsterdam

    BONUS save $500* per person on airfare

    Discover Holland & Belgium

    Admire the genius of the Dutch Masters at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Explore Hoorn’s seafaring heritage, Arnhem’s World War II history and Antwerp’s Renaissance splendor. See colorful ribbons of farmland as Dutch tulips come into bloom. Sample Belgian beers and chocolates. Step into the Middle Ages in Bruges. Roam Keukenhof Gardens, the world’s largest floral park. The best time to see the Low Countries is spring, and the best way to see them is on our 10-day cruise.

    Cities of Light
    12 Days | 10 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

    from $3749
    Paris to Prague

    BONUS airfare option from $599*

    See great cities & landscapes

    Sail Europe’s most iconic rivers: the Moselle with its steep vineyards; the castle-studded Rhine; and the Main, lined with quaint villages. Taste legendary Moselle Rieslings. Survey the Rhine from 900-year-old Marksburg Castle. Explore Prague’s Lobkowicz Palace on a Privileged Access tour designed just for us by Prince William. Savor French, German and Czech cuisine. With bookends in Paris and Prague, this 12-day journey celebrates Europe’s most luminous ports.

    Paris to the Swiss Alps
    12 Days | 10 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

    from $4399
    Paris to Zürich

    BONUS airfare option from $699*

    Explore Paris & sail the Rhine

    Pay your respects at the Luxembourg American Cemetery. Discover ancient Roman Trier. Taste exquisite Moselle Rieslings and visit the wine town of Bernkastel-Kues. Enjoy scenic cruising past the sleepy town of Sankt Goar, home to the Lorelei Rock, and through the Rhine Gorge—a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Heidelberg, renowned for its university, and Worms, site of a dramatic Protestant Reformation event. Vineyard-flanked slopes and historic cities, along with hotel stays in Paris and Zürich, make this 12-day cruisetour irresistible.

    France's Finest
    15 Days | 14 Guided Tours | 1 Country

    from $4999
    Avignon to Paris

    BONUS FREE* airfare from 12
    Canadian cities

    Explore Paris, Burgundy & Provence

    Pay your respects at Normandy’s World War II beaches. Walk in Joan of Arc’s footsteps at Rouen. Luxuriate in Paris’s sophistication. Savor Lyon’s culinary heritage. Toast the Beaujolais vineyards. Explore Avignon’s Palace of the Popes. Celebrate the Provençal lifestyle. Art, cuisine, style, joie de vivre—if you love everything Français, this is for you: a 15-day journey that combines our popular Paris & the Heart of Normandy and Lyon & Provence cruises into one tour de force.

    Grand European Tour
    15 Days | 12 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

    from $5999
    Amsterdam to Budapest

    BONUS FREE* airfare from 12
    Canadian cities

    Travel through the heart of Europe

    Admire Rhine Valley vistas from a 900-year-old castle. Sample the food and wine of Austria’s Wachau Valley. Learn the Viennese waltz and linger in Budapest’s Café Gerbeaud. Indulge all your senses on this 15-day journey spanning the best of Europe. Our most iconic itinerary traces the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers between the windmill-dotted waterways of Holland and the stunning landscapes of Hungary, with engaging encounters at every bend.

    Waterways of the Tsars
    13 Days | 10 Guided Tours | 1 Country

    from $6899
    Moscow to St. Petersburg

    BONUS FREE* airfare from 12
    Canadian cities

    Explore the real Russia

    See the swirling onion domes and stout towers of Moscow’s Red Square. Share stories at the kitchen table of an Uglich family. Savor Russian caviar with your blini pancakes. Soak up the steam in a traditional banya in riverside Mandrogy village. Envision Peter the Great luxuriating in massive Peterhof Palace, then see how multiple families shared living space at a Soviet-era kommunalka. From Moscow to St. Petersburg, this 13-day voyage reveals the real Russia as never before.

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    Example Asia & Africa River Cruises

    Many more 2018, 2019 & 2020 sailings and itineraries available
    Contact us for options, dates and pricing

    Magnificent Mekong
    15 Days | 14 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

    from $4499
    Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi

    BONUS save $500* per person on airfare

    Explore unique places & cultures

    Shop Old Hanoi’s markets. See the Khmer temple complex of Angkor Wat. Behold the haunting beauty of Ta Prohm, where jungle vines embrace ancient ruins. Explore Phnom Penh, Cambodia by cyclo rickshaw. Discover silk towns, fishing villages, monasteries and floating markets. With hotel stays in Hanoi, Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) bracketing your 8-day Mekong cruise, this 15-day cruisetour of Vietnam and Cambodia reveals the beauty and grace of a land we have only begun to know.

    Roof of the World
    17 Days | 18 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

    from $6249
    Beijing to Shanghai

    BONUS save $500* per person on airfare

    Let your spirit soar in China & Tibet

    This ultimate Viking journey leads you high into the Himalayas, where ancient traditions infuse every aspect of life. Immerse yourself in Tibet, the magnificent and moving mountain kingdom, where you can listen as monks debate Buddhism at the Sera Monastery, keep step with pilgrims as they circumambulate the Jokhang Temple and feel the warmth of home at a Tibetan family’s residence. Your cruisetour unfolds further as you wander wide-eyed into China visiting Beijing’s Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China. Travel to Xian to see the magnificent Terra Cotta Warriors. Gaze upon soaring landscapes along the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges Dam. Fianlly, take in the enormous scale of Shanghai from its famous Bund. Join us for the peak China experience.

    Pharaohs & Pyramids
    12 Days | 11 Guided Tours | 1 Country

    from $6799
    Cairo to Cairo

    BONUS save $500* per person on airfare

    Discover Egypt, ancient and modern

    Uncover the ancient secrets of Egypt long buried in desert sands while experiencing the welcoming culture of today. See the pyramids from astride a majestic camel. Wander among 140 soaring pillars in Karnak Temple. Explore Dendera, one of Egypt's best-preserved and less-frequented temples. Feel the Nile breeze on your cheeks as you skim its waters by traditional felucca. Delight in the fragrances of Aswan’s spice market. Join Viking and our expert Egyptologists on a 12-day Nile cruisetour into the heart of Egypt.


    Europe River Cruise Destinations

    Danube River Cruises
    Flowing from the Black Forest to its vast delta at the Black Sea, the Danube has shaped the history of Central Europe. Cruise through the forested slopes of Bavaria, along the terraced hills of Austria's wine region and past the Hungarian steppes into the heart of Eastern Europe.
    Rhine River Cruises
    Lined with hilltop castles, fairytale villages and sprawling vineyards, Old Father Rhine has long been a major European lifeline of commerce and culture. Its romance and beauty have inspired poets and composers, giving birth to the tales of Lorelei and the music of Wagner.
    France River Cruises
    Cultural treasures line the banks of the rivers of France. Along the Rhone and Dordogne, sample world-renowned wines and cuisine and stunning beauty. Follow the winding Seine into breathtaking Norman farmland. And marvel at landscapes immortalized by France's greatest painters.
    Douro River Cruise
    Central to Portugal's wine industry, the Douro River was long the sole highway that delivered the region's famed port wine to the world. Trace its enchanting route past terraced slopes clocked in lush vineyards, hillside wine estates and stunning olive and almond groves.
    Elbe River Cruises
    One of Central Europe's most important waterways, the Elbe River traverses the bohemian highlands of the Czech Republic and the untouched forests of Germany. Its waters course past vineyard-laden hills and the soaring rock formations of Saxon Switzerland.
    Russia River Cruise
    Cruise a vast network of rivers, lakes and canals between St. Petersburg and Moscow, stopping at inviting Golden Ring cities and charming villages. As you explore, meet smiling babushkas, admire the fine art of nesting dolls and gaze up at multi-hued onion-domed churches.
    Ukraine River Cruise
    The Ukraine will surprise you with its diverse landscapes and traditions. Cruise the Dnieper River from Kiev to the Black Sea, stopping to explore cities and villages woven with the colourful threads of Greek, Mongol, Tatar, Ottoman, Cossack, Jewish, Polish and Russian culture.
    Holiday Cruise
    Lined with traditional Christmas markets and the festive spirit of the season, Europe's waterways are pure magic during the holidays. Celebrating along the Rhine, Main and Danube and raise your mulled cider to a joyous Noel you'll always remember.


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    Viking Cruises Terms & Conditions:
    2018-2020 RIVER CRUISE AND AIR SAVINGS: Offer valid on bookings made from September 01, 2018 - September 30, 2018. Special cruise fares plus FREE air valid on available 2018-2020 departures of Grand European Tour, European Sojourn, Paris to the Swiss Alps (Mar & Apr), France’s Finest, Waterways of the Tsars and Kiev to the Black Sea. Air savings varies on other itineraries. Air offers valid on all published Canadian gateways. Air does not have to be purchased to get cruise/tour offer. All prices are in CAD dollars and for CA residents only. All cruise fares include cruise taxes, port taxes and fees. Additional restrictions may apply. 2018: Book by September 30, 2018; pay in full by September 30, 2018 or within 90 days of departure, if earlier. 2019: Book by September 30, 2018; pay in full by October 31, 2018. 2020: Book by September 30, 2018; pay in full by December 31, 2018. Offer expires September 30, 2018.

    GENERAL RESTRICTIONS: Cruise fares listed are cruise only in CAD dollars, per person, based on double occupancy and for CA residents only. Cruise ship fuel surcharge may apply. All fares and offers are for new bookings made September 01, 2018-September 30, 2018, are subject to availability; may not combinable with other offers except Viking Explorer Society Credit and Viking Referral Rewards. Special cruise fares are based upon published full cruise fares; cruise fares do not include prepaid charges, optional facilities and service fees, and personal charges, as defined in the terms and conditions of the Passenger Ticket Contract which may be viewed elsewhere on this website. Full cruise fares may not have resulted in actual sales in all stateroom categories and may not have been in effect during the last 90 days. Promotional fares may remain in effect after the expiration date. Air promotion applies to economy, roundtrip flights only from select Viking River Cruises CA gateways and includes airport-to-ship or hotel transfers, air taxes and air fuel surcharges. Viking reserves the right to correct errors or omissions and to change any and all fares, fees and surcharges at any time. For up-to-date prices, please call Viking or your Travel Agent. The cruise ship fuel surcharge is additional revenue to Viking Cruises, as are any additional charges relating to currency fluctuation other than for fully paid cruise fares and full fares, which fluctuations are beyond our control. All fares include cruise taxes, port taxes and fees. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Complete terms and conditions may be found in the Passenger Ticket Contract.

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    AIR UPGRADE: Upgrade to Premium Economy air from $795 CAD per person or Business Class air from $2,995 CAD per person based on select gateways and dates. Flat rate of $1,995 CAD for Grand European Tour, France's Finest and European Sojourn on Suites and above. Additional airline-imposed baggage charges may apply; for more information visit Airline Luggage Restrictions. Air prices are per person based on cruise/cruisetour check-in date and include transfers plus all government taxes/fees of approximately $160 and air fuel surcharges. Air seats are limited; airfares are subject to change and are not guaranteed until full payment of air is received. For more information about customized air services and US gateways, visit the Viking Air Plus page.

    AIR OFFER RESTRICTIONS: Offer expires September 30, 2018.

    NOTE: North American flights depart one day prior to check-in date. Paid Business or Premium Economy Class may require travel in economy on flights within North America or Europe. Premium economy is limited to specific airlines and we may not be able to accommodate based on aircraft type and availability. Roundtrip airport transfers are included when air is purchased with a cruise or cruisetour package; if air is not purchased from Viking, transfers may be purchased separately. All transfers must be in conjunction with a Viking-purchased cruise, cruisetour, land extension or extra hotel nights. Air prices are per person based on cruise/cruisetour check-in date and include transfers plus all government taxes/fees of approximately $160 and air fuel surcharges. Air seats are limited; airfares are subject to change and are not guaranteed until full payment of air is received.

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