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Thank you for organizing the trip of a lifetime!

My Travel Consultant: Laura Kay

Jeremy organised the trip of a lifetime to Turkey for my best friend and I. This was quite a technical feat as it involved contacting and coordinating some hard to reach, unusual off-the-beaten-track hotels that I wanted to stay in, regional airlines, car rentals etc.- and making it even more difficult- communicating with people who don't speak English! . Despite encountering frustrating difficulties that would have defeated a lesser person, he managed it with great professionalism, and the trip went off without a hitch. I was so impressed by him, also because it is so unusual to meet someone with such skills who also has such a wonderful personality.

This year, Jeremy has impressed me again while organizing another complicated trip to The Netherlands. Last Friday afternoon, after he had done much work all week planning and coordinating every detail of the new trip, my credit card suddenly didn't work at the crucial moment. Nor did my other cards. My internet service had gone down making it harder to communicate. The clock was ticking and I was becoming more and more anxious. The Dutch relatives were waiting impatiently to find out the trip itinerary details! 6pm came and went. I think most other people would have given up and gone home, but not Jeremy, who patiently stayed into the evening and got it all sorted out. This is truly above and beyond the call of duty, and another reason why I'm so grateful to him!

Tanis P.